JOE&Gi aren’t two different people, they are two different ways of doing realistic painting. Some time ago watching the world move forward at astonishing speed, I started to feel dizzy and I felt like I would hold on at a handrail, dig in my feets and fall behind. Now I would lie if i said that such sensation is completely gone however I understand that the world is vivified by a general will and, just like a human being, must be understood more than opposed. The agreement, the temporary peace that rules my soul comes from this intuition: two different ways of painting, analogic and digital collaborating togheter. When one of the two slows down the other one comes along and pushes it a bit forward. So they walk on like two old friends- enemies; the older they grow the more they become hearted, like good wine.

Portfolio: JOEeGi_portfolio_eng_2019