JOE e Gi

Beauty will save the world (cit.) but before that, lack of Beauty wakes it up.

Second Chance (Helmet version)

In Italy only 19% of those convicted in external criminal execution commit new offences, once the sentence has expired, compared to 70% of those convicted. Speaking Lucia Castellano, General Manager of the External Criminal Execution of the Ministry of Justice.

The same (stale) world is possible

If everything remains the same nothing, nothing will remain as before.

This is the time to change, to be closer, more generous...

Feel free to express yourself

"Young adults born after 1995 are experiencing more mental health issues. Researchers point to lack of sleep and the rise of social media." NBC news

New best friend (Vichy version)

Recently it was downgraded to hearsay that Queen Victoria gave her grandnephew, Kaiser Wilhelm II Mount Kilimanjaro, in 1886. Historians now claim that it would have been a Prussian official with a deception to get Africa's highest mountain from Kenya to Tanzania.... he must have been a cunning official!

Ruling the city

"The 'ndrangheta (an Italian mobster) no longer exists! .... Once upon a time, in Limbadi, Nicotera, Rosarno there was the 'ndrangheta! Now the 'ndrangheta is part of Freemasonry, let's say it is under Freemasonry. But it has the same rules!... The 'ndrangheta is no more, Freemasonry and those four crooked people who still believe in the 'ndrangheta!..." - Pantaleone Mancuso during an interception

Fighting for food

From the Slow Food Movement USA’s manifesto. “We are enslaved by speed and have all succumbed to the same insidious virus: Fast Life, which disrupts our habits, pervades the privacy of our homes and forces us to eat Fast Foods”

New best friend (CHN version)

To say it with words of theProfessor and Chair of the Department of Economics at LIU Post in New York Panos Mourdoukoutas:

"What wants China from Africa? Everything"

News: Collective Exhibition at Salone Margherita | Banca d’Italia Collection

As of 2018, JOE e Gi joins the Bank of Italy’s collection with its painting “La Sala dell’Abisso”.

From October, the Bank of Italy will be exhibiting some works from its prestigious collection in the unusual setting of the Salone Margherita in Rome. The historic artists of the early 20th century will be mirrored by works by young contemporary artists.
The exhibition is extended until 12 December


Dal 2018 JOE e Gi entra a far part della collezione della Banca d’Italia con il suo quadro “La Sala dell’Abisso”.

Da ottobre la Banca d’Italia espone nell’inedita cornice del Salone Margherita a Roma alcune opere della sua prestigiosa collezione. Agli artisti storici dei primi del ‘900 faranno da specchio alcune opere di giovani artisti contemporanei.
La mostra è prorogata fino al 12 dicembre.


News: Solo Exhibition at Susina Bistrò in Rome

After this long period of closure, I go out and introduce my paintings to a few people; they are also shut up in my studio.
The Susina bistro offers the opportunity for many artists to show themselves unhurriedly, giving those who pass by the opportunity to appreciate (or dislike) the works present.

In September and October, the works of JOE and Gi will be on show at Via Chiana 87/A.

Dopo questo lungo periodo di chiusura esco e faccio conoscere ai miei quadri un po’ di gente; anche loro smaniavano chiusi nel mio studio.
Il bistrò Susina offre l’opportunità a tanti artisti di mostrarsi senza fretta, dare a chi passa l’occasione di apprezzare (o avversare) le opere presenti.

A settembre e ottobre le opere di JOE e Gi saranno in mostra a via Chiana 87/A.

News: Still Alife series

Objects live silent lives. Some objects are really very good, they do their duty and help out when needed, others are very bad objects always ready to get in the way and bump into toes or smash on the floor while children are sleeping. This series was born from this consideration.

News: On the Sunny Side of the Street series

We often complicate our lives with tortuous goals, the desire to dominate and the skein becomes more tangled, even when we win in the evening we go home with our heads in our hands and the feeling that it does not make sense.
On the other side of the pavement there is always the sun, it is the side of the simple life, out of the spotlight, every day vibrating with our own little sacrifices and the beautiful smiles of the people we love.
So simple, so difficult.

News: Not a Wonderful World series

Not a Wonderful World is born of the evils of our century. It is neither a nihilistic look, nor an act of condemnation for the people involved, but for the actions. The look is good-natured, that of a man among men, aware that no one is totally innocent, no one without hope. And that despite the title, the world IS wonderful.